Reach your business goals.

Appleseed is committed to supporting solid growth for promising companies pioneering the good food frontier. We emphasize careful growth strategy providing start-ups, entrepreneurs, and established companies with right-sized services and angel investment opportunities to achieve their goals.

Go-to-Market Business Planning Services

Get ready for your next round of growth with a business plan designed to provide you with the organization and tools that investors want to see. Business plans comprise three main steps over a 12-week period.

  • Step 1: Evaluate your business’ unique value in the marketplace through personalized counseling sessions, a market opportunity assessment, and competitive positioning.
  • Step 2: Align strategy to company goals with a marketing and sales strategy and operational support.
  • Step 3: Tell the story of your path to success with an operating business plan and 3-5 year growth plan and budget.

Post-Plan Consulting

We can help you execute your business plan and monitor your performance over time. We offer customized support services in the following key areas.

  • Sales Support: Sales Plans, Sales Materials, Distribution Support
  • Marketing & Branding Support: Marketing Plan, Marketing Project Management, Communications Consulting
  • Financial Management: Periodic Financial Analysis and Review

Industry Provider Services

Find a provider to help with the delivery of right-sized services in support of your plan. We cultivate a network of providers ready to help growth-stage companies, including designers, co-packers, formulators, lawyers, and bookkeepers.

How We Charge

We evaluate each business independently, and structure reasonable rates in order to help businesses of all sizes and stages access our services. We can structure compensation arrangements payable in cash, equity, or both. We also can defer a portion of our fees until you achieve key milestones of growth.