Appleseed is dedicated to growing the next
generation of good food and beverage brands.

Reach your business goals.

Appleseed is committed to supporting solid growth for promising companies pioneering the good food frontier. We emphasize careful growth strategy providing start-ups, entrepreneurs, and established companies with right-sized services and angel investment opportunities to achieve their goals.

Appleseed is headed by an experienced food industry leader and backed by a team that has successfully grown companies by aligning sales and operations behind distinctive competitive positioning. We understand the market landscape and can help business leaders formulate an achievable growth plan.

For entrepreneurs, raising capital is an ongoing process. Seeking external funding can be a daunting prospect. However, by spending time learning about and understanding the process, the types of investors and the stages they tend to invest, entrepreneurs can save both time and money, and greatly increase the chances of successfully securing funding.

Another key strategic decision for entrepreneurs is approaching the right investors whose previous experience and investment strategy covers their business type.

Presenting your investment proposal or funding application in the best format and manner is an effective way of projecting investor readiness and improves the chances of being taken seriously and successfully securing funding. We provide high-level marketing strategy and efficient campaign execution. We have seen startups at all stages of growth and know whether the current need is an investment, support, or both, there is an option out there for you.